Faisal Town Islamabad

Faisal Town Islamabad

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This project, “Faisal town”, is a project of wonders located on the Fateh Jung road, right next to the main Fateh Jung interchange on the motorway M-1. It is a housing project based on beautiful designs and architecture. The surroundings of the housing society are extremely extravagant that surely remind you of beauty and nature.

Faisal town , Islamabad is surely the next biggest successful project of the housing schemes in Islamabad making F-18 an upcoming residential development hit. And this is exactly why you should invest!

NOC Allotment

The sector F-18 comes under RDA jurisdiction. But its NOC has been approved with verification. http://www.rda.gop.pk/ this is the official website of RDA from where the NOC verified status can be checked. The layout plan of the society is also approved under RDA verifications. The environmental approval was also granted by environment protection department on 21st March, 2014.

About the owner and developers

This project is lead by zedem international private limited, owned by the former chairman of MPCHS Chaudhry Abdul Majeed. He is well known in the market of real estate for his outstanding work in E-11, F-17 and B-17.

This group is running many housing schemes and projects all across Pakistan right now. The top of the line project hits include Faisal Hills, Faisal Residencia, Faisal margalla city and Sea square. All these projects have won their residence’ hearts and trust.

Zedem international private limited works with dedication to promote the best that it can in the real estate business. All of the projects put forward by it so far have been a proof of it’s hard work and creative architectural designs.


It is located on the Fateh jung road next the Fateh jung interchange connecting it to motorway and Kashmir highway. The new international airport is also near the housing society. The Capital smart city, the University town and ICHS town are all next to each other.

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Details Of The Project

Usually, the housing schemes cover a huge space on land with numbers of sectors, blocks and plots. However, Faisal town is a relatively small residential project consisting of three main blocks A, B, and C. The area of the whole community may be small but one thing is promised: the best quality of a lifestyle.

All the necessary facilities and high standard commercial areas are in the project plan.

Payment Method

Faisal town provides the buyers and investors with easy instalment plans through which they can hold an ownership of the plots within a short period of time. The plots available are of:

5 marla

8 marla

10 marla

14 marla

1 kanal

Different categories of commercial plots are also available.

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Development Status

The development is very progressive as the  block emerged as a complete set in less than 3 years. This positive aspect is one reason why you should invest in Faisal town. Those who invested in the beginning phase of the town are in double profit today as the value doubled over two years.

The rest of the construction is under process at a good pace. Block C is also under construction. The commercial areas and residential sectors of the town are being worked upon as well.

Features And Amenities

Faisal town comes up with a complete plan on making sure how to provide its residents and investors with everything they deserve as a part of Islamabad’s most well executed housing town project.

Commercial areas: all of the blocks consists of commercial areas with all the top national and international brands outlets and retails. This will give the residence a benefit of shopping at a small distance from their homes.

Shopping malls: shopping malls with food courts, facilities, restrooms, valet parking, security, elevators and escalators are under construction

Underground electricity water, gas system: the residents do not have to worry about the basic necessities as the Faisal town covers it all with its 24/7 service of electricity, gas and water supply.

Wide carpeted roads: proper construction of roads with the best material is done. The roads are wide and well carpeted. The street lights enhance the look of the roads making a good reason for you to go out on long drives.

Gated community: the gated community makes the security of the town tighter. The high boundary walls not only provide protection to its occupants and but also mark the town as an individual society.

Security system: proper security system has been installed in the society including motion sensors and night vision CCTV cameras to capture any unusual movement or activity. Private security forces are also on the surveillance making the town safe for its occupants.

Parks and playground: a residential community is complete when there are parks in the area to take a break, enjoy the weather, hang out with friends or allow the kids to play. Faisal town ensures all the family entertainment is given to its residents.

Schools and colleges: the town has it’s own schools and colleges for your kids to go to experience the best education ever near their homes leaving you worry free.

Mosques: mosques with huge space to accommodate hundreds of prayers at one time. The mosque has 24 hours hot and cold water supply system.

Hospital: in case of emergency, you will not have to rush far away from your homes. The hospital services with medical staff are available to provide you with aid.

Residential Blocks And Community Centers:

Why should you choose Faisal town Islamabad for investment

The sector F-18 where this construction project is being laid down comes under RDA jurisdiction but is considered a part of Islamabad. The reliable aspect of the developers to make the project successful is a guarantee in itself that it is one of the best chances to invest here for a good return of profit.

The construction work is progressing with a lightening speed and more than fifty percent of the development has been done. The blocks are expected to be completely in residential functions very soon. The plots in blocks A and B are also ready for possession by the owners. Faisal town provides with all the ease one may ever desire in terms of study, medical, shopping, a good environment, easy conveyance or just a family lifestyle. It’s a complete package.



To conclude, everyone dreams to have the best in everything in the most comfortable amount they have in their account. Faisal town is an upcoming successful project in the housing societies as it is proving the investors and the residents a complete living experience within a small town with everything on point on the go. The ones becoming a part of this living venture  Faisal town.