Top City-1

Top City-1

Top City 1

Top city-1 is a smart city that is one of Islamabad’s most well-executed housing projects promising a lifestyle everyone dreams of. The project was initiated in 2012, and the progress of development is rapidly on the go since then. It is located right in the central point of the capital city making it easily reachable from all sides of Islamabad.

This smart city known as Top City is located next to a capital smart city. The society is being constructed upon Kashmir highway near to new international airport at a distance of 3km. The proximity between some blocks of the society and the airport gate is nearly equal to no distance. Top City-1 can be reached from Kashmir Highway and the entrance course is very simple for anybody to arrive in the society. You can arrive at Islamabad City in less than 10 minutes from the housing community. Since the Kashmir Highway Extension from motorway crossing point around New Islamabad Airport is under development currently, in this way substitute access course from Fateh Jang Road is underuse.

Top City 1 ranges more than 5906 Kanal of tremendous property that is partitioned up into various squares, in particular, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, however as of current status the Block G of the residential society is taken over by CAA because of the safety risks being associated with the Islamabad International airport. Moreover, alongside private and business properties the undertaking additionally furnishes the farmhouses.

In Top City Islamabad, most of the development work is almost done. Half of the advancement is finished in the vast majority of the regions. One Kanal plots in Block B are available to the proprietors right away. However, squares C, D, E, H, and F are under rapid advancement work.

The billboards with names of streets and roads have been introduced all through the lodging society, so it is simpler for the guest’s visitors to discover various areas. The work on the underground electricity, sewerage, and waste administration frameworks has been finished. Top City-1 is the main Smart City of Pakistan that has fused all the most current advancements accessible now, for example, fiber optics, smart meters, e-health suppliers, public Wi-Fi, e-tag, and intelligence surveillance programs. Every one of these highlights makes this lodging venture a top-of-the-line project.

With the advancement work finished in the B square of the housing society, the 1 Kanal private plots, have been allowed ownership to their proprietors, though the ownership of the excess squares of the blocks A, C, D, E, H, and F will be conceded not long after the complete development. The Advancement of Top City-1 will likewise be far rapid than neighboring home plans including Blue World City as it is utilizing all most current technology accessible to guarantee the quick development work without settling on the nature of improvement.

Top city is a good opportunity for everyone because of all the goodness it brings with it for its investors and residents.

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